The Gift

The Gift


Give the gift of Food with KETCHEF!


Skip the novelty gifts and give your loved ones an experience that can be savored for a lifetime! 


They'll love that you provided them with a Personal Chef, a Gourmet 3-course meal (check out our menu on second image!), a clean kitchen and best of all - a delicious, relaxing and memorable dining experience unlike any other.


Simply input the number of people you'd like to purchase for and we will send you a confirmation email along with sending you physical Gift Cards mailed to your address (so you have something to physically give to those you're purchasing for!)


When they'd like to use their gift cards, all they need to do is either give us a call or send us an email (both of which are printed on the Physcial Gift cards) to schedule their meal! 


We can't wait to dine with you!

*Please see our FAQ prior to our arrival!

    Read about this package along with checking out our full menu descriptions below!

    Simply select your menu options and enter some basic information  and your KETCHEF is on the way!

    We're a dining experience like you've never seen before! Your KETCHEF arrives in full uniform and with all of the food product in hand. We cook in your kitchen and serve you at your table!

    For an Exquisite
    Dining Experience