The Turkey

The Turkey


Take the work out of hosting Thanksgiving by inviting KETCHEF over to take care of your meal!

We'll arrive with all of the food product and a smile. After a quick hello we'll get to work on the following delectable 3-Course Thanksgiving Menu:


STARTER: (Please Pick One) Butternut Squash Soup or Classic Caesar Salad


ENTREE: Oven Roasted (Boneless, Skinless) Turkey Breast, Fresh Herbs, Pan Dripping Turkey Gravy

Buttery Mashed Potatoes

Organic Honey Roasted, Baby Heirloom Carrots
Traditional Cornbread Stuffing

DESSERT: Homemade Apple Pie


Served With Soft Dinner Rolls, Cranberry Compote & Sweet Cream Butter.


*When entering the Date and Time of your service, Please ensure you enter the start time (1) hour prior to when you want to eat!

EXAMPLE: JUNE 4TH 5PM means that you'll be eating at 6pm. 



Please be sure to see our FAQ and we'll see you soon!

    Read about this package along with checking out our full menu descriptions below!

    Simply select your menu options and enter some basic information  and your KETCHEF is on the way!

    We're a dining experience like you've never seen before! Your KETCHEF arrives in full uniform and with all of the food product in hand. We cook in your kitchen and serve you at your table!

    For an Exquisite
    Dining Experience