The Challenge 40/person

We're always up for a good challenge! Do you have produce that's going to go bad? Maybe you've been staring at that bag of flour asking yourself "what was I thinking?" We've got you covered! 

We will show up and take a quick look to see what we have to work with. Your Chef will chat with you to let you know their thoughts meanwhile preheating the oven. Moments later, your food is ready, made with love and using ingredients that were going to potentially go to waste! 

In order for us to provide you with a meal we're proud of, we ask that you have more than ice available to us (you don't need to go shopping on our account, but we need something to cook!)

(3) Hours of Service. (1) hour for preparation, (1.5) hours of dining service, (.5) hours of clean up. Kitchen, Kitchenware/Diningware to be provided by client. Chef to cook and serve dishes. Chef not responsible for bussing/dishwashing, but will make an effort with time given; Client is welcome to assist or additional staff can be requested in booking page. Dietary preferences/allergies can be submitted on next page.