The Class 60/person

Class is in session! No homework here though - just lots of food, laughs and maybe a little education (if you want it!)

Your Chef will walk you through a fun dish that you can create and enjoy with your friends and loved ones. Open up your favorite bottle of wine, put on some tunes and create culinary masterpieces (hopefully) that you can recreate down the road to show off to your friends and family.

This is a great way to bond, learn, and appreciate the hard work and thought that goes into the dishes we're serving up daily!

(3) Hours of Service. (1) hour for preparation, (1.5) hours of teaching/dining service, (.5) hours of clean up. Chef will arrive with all groceries. Kitchen, Kitchenware/Diningware to be provided by client. Chef to cook and serve dishes. Chef not responsible for bussing/dishwashing, but will make an effort with time given; Client is welcome to assist or additional staff can be requested in booking page. Dietary preferences/allergies can be submitted on next page.