The Mystery 75-105/person


(3) Hours of Service. (1) hour for preparation, (1.5) hours of dining service, (.5) hours of clean up. Chef will arrive with all groceries. Kitchen, Kitchenware/Diningware to be provided by client. Chef to cook and serve dishes. Chef not responsible for bussing/dishwashing, but will make an effort with time given; Client is welcome to assist or additional staff can be requested in booking page. Dietary preferences/allergies can be submitted on next page.

You're tired of the same old thing - Get ready to be taken on a Culinary Journey unlike what you've experienced before! 
The Mystery offers two Tiers:
Fancy: This fair offers top-shelf & prime ingredients exclusively - Perfect for Special Occasions worth spending a little more on!
Simple: The perfect "family friendly" package with casual items - same great experience with our take on some of your favorite classics!
Regardless of the package you choose, get ready for a unique and fun way to connect and have fun with your guests. Chef will arrive with groceries in hand and promptly get to work on your meal. You'll have a chance to give us your dining preferences/allergies along with requesting additional staff!